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Millinery class for senior normal students, Division B, at Mechanics Institute in Rochester, NY, 1908.

View facing north on St. Paul Street, surrounded by Bausch and Lomb buildings. Heavy traffic is moving in both directions on St. Paul, and pedestrians line the sidewalks. Both sides of St. Paul are flanked by buildings owned and used by Bausch and…

A portrait of Susan B. Anthony, suffragist, 1820-1906. Anthony lived with her sister Mary on Madison Street and was involved in travelling, writing and speaking out on suffrage locally, nationally and internationally.

Douglass Anthony Tea.jpg
"Let's Have Tea" was created by Rochester sculptor Pepsy Kettavong and erected in 2001, at the behest of the Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood Association, across the street from the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House. The work portrays Ms. Anthony and…

View of fresh fruit and vegetables for sale by vendors at the market

View of the entrance to the Rochester Public Market from Union Street.
This image shows the location of Rochester's historical garment district, taken from Google Maps.
Bartholomay Brewing Company's main buildings overlooking the Upper Falls ran 450 feet including the brew house, beer storage vaults and malt house. A large elevator stored malt and barley. Nearby were the wash house, freight depot, office, stables,…
The above picture is dated about 1880, and the mills shown are as follows (left to right): Ferguson & Lewis; Moseley & Motley, Smith & Sherman, Irving Mills, Moseley & Motley, People's Custom Mill, Shawmut Mill, Washington Mill.
This is a collection of photos of the Rochester Public Market in 2018. Pictured are the vendors, the vehicles that they have arrived in, the original vendor stations, and the indoor market.
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